“The almond toffee brittle was awesome,” said one child.

Dear Nicky:

Many thanks for your generosity in contributing the delicious baked goods for our community service night at Bradford School back in December. We heard many “oohs” and “aahs” from the folks (and their kids) who attended. “The almond toffee brittle was awesome,” said one child. (And one mother remarked that she wanted to hide the box of almond toffee brittle somewhere so she could eat the whole thing.) There were a lot of cheers for the rum cake and the banana-split cupcakes, too.

We hope you know that we promoted your goodies a couple of times throughout the evening. Of course, Mesiah Event Planners was highlighted and officially thanked in the January issue of our school’s monthly newsletter, which goes home to parents in the children’s backpacks.

Thanks again. We appreciate your involvement in our school event and your help in making the evening such a scrumptious one.


Cassandra Bollinger – Corresponding Secretary

Bradford PTA