Miss Nicky

Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Nicolette (Nicky) Mesiah and I would like to introduce you to my world of delicious ‘HOMEMADE’ & healthy comfort catering Desserts and Foods. I am originally from the cold country of Buffalo, NY-(my roots from New Orleans, LA). After graduating from Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, residing in Saratoga Springs, NY…I finally decided to lay some roots in Montclair, N.J. in 1985. After studying at Peter Kump’s Cooking School in NY, I decided there was a huge void in nutritious & good tasting foods & desserts. With the help of my nutritionist, who for over 15 years, not only taught me how to ‘balance foods & eat properly’ but I weighed in daily (M-F), to make sure that it really worked. It was a success & I attribute this success to my healthy eating & cooking. We speak via phone since she moved to CT. Also, my doctor, who I confer with almost daily, has been listed many times in both NY/NJ ‘Top Doctor’s issue of NY & NJ Magazines & Town & Country. He also assists me on health matters, i.e. fats/heart/cancers/women’s health issues/obesity, etc. Thus, I began cooking for small groups, friends and families who wanted great tasting food & dessert without all of the fat. I continually volunteer my culinary services to the Montclair YMCA and also give talks on healthy eating-including alternative healthy choices & low-calorie dishes and preparation. (You can find me working out at the Montclair YMCA and 360cyclingstudio!)

Previously in my illustrious Sales Career in the NYC area, I entertained my clients, sometimes twice per day in the best area NY/NJ restaurants, and discovered a lot of commercially prepared & rather tasteless desserts (and food). The sweetness of those cakes was a ‘turn off’ to the palate. Even in this weight-obsessed world that we live, people still long for that taste of something ‘Delicious’ like a good old-fashioned homemade cake or dessert at the conclusion of their meal. I’ve put ‘the taste’ back into cooking & baking without the additives! Delicious customized gift confections will be most memorable & make you a standout at any event. The cakes are all moist & Miss Nicky’s Gourmet Toffee—simply divine! Ask anyone who’s tried it…

By using the best available ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, fresh cream, etc., I am able to cut down on both added premium cane sugar & sweetness in my desserts without the use of high fructose corn syrups and artificial sweeteners. We never use those corn syrups-yuk!

Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too!
Thanks for your support!

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