BFE Cookies

BFE – ‘Butterless-Flourless-Eggless’ Cookies


Miss Nicky’s “M’POWer” Cookies including her: –100% Vegan Bobbi & Slim-Fit Cookies empower you by providing healthy cookies to enjoy while maintaining your prescribed exercise and weight-loss programs. Finally, cookies that help you maintain your desired weight and health goals instead of sabotaging it. M’POWer yourself by treating yourself to a treat that will ‘M’POWer-YOU’! Eating healthy made easy…! Again, these cookies have ‘no flour-no butter-no eggs’. These low carb treats are for anyone desiring great taste with healthful benefits that can be eaten several times per day! Portable and can be eaten day and night? This is one healthy snack with cholesterol lowering benefits too!

Are you looking to get Fit or, an Exercise Enthusiast?

Concerned with Childhood Diabetes & Adult Diabetes?

Been diagnosed as Diabetic or, pre-diabetic?

Been diagnosed with Heart Disease or High Cholesterol?

Been diagnosed with any Cancer?

Hypertension? Gluten Intolerant – Celiac? (no wheat flour used. Oats are used)

Flour metabolizes to sugar, so we do not use flour! Butter is saturated fat, so we’ve eliminated the butter. No eggs=cholesterol free too.

The Importance of Flax & why we use Flax vs. Flour:

High Energy Flax-contains Omega 3’s, 6’s & 9’s-potent cancer fighters. Flax, an excellent source of fiber and protein. It helps decrease inflammation within the body. Also great for the eyes and promotes hair growth. (mine has grown about 6” from consuming these cookies) It helps with weight management by being satisfying and stabilizing your sugar levels since it expands 5 times in bulk when ingested. So you’ll lose weight effortlessly while eating these cookies, thus strengthening your immune system! We use the flaxseed-which is loaded with both ‘fiber & protein’! Great for all women, including a ‘woman’s cycle’, managing menopause, lower the risk of osteoporosis, cancer & heart disease.

The amount of fiber, antioxidants and Omega 3’s in flax, far exceeds any grain! Since it’s low in carbs, it’s perfect for those who wish to limit their intake of starches & sugars-(like diabetics). This combination of healthy fat plus high fiber content, make it the perfect combo for weight loss and maintenance because it ‘keeps you full & satisfied’.

Flax is high in B-vitamins, high in healthy oils and is the perfect little seed. Fiber helps to stabilize blood sugar and aids in ridding the intestines of toxins. Also high in phytochemicals, this plant is perhaps the best source of ‘lignans’ and may promote fertility, reduce peri-menopausal symptoms and possibly help prevent breast cancer. Lignans may help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon-Studies have shown that ½ tsp of cinnamon per day, can lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol.
Oats: Lower cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar and aid in weight control. This high fiber is water soluble and decrease heart disease, diabetes and can lower insulin dependent. Oats can boost concentration and help combat childhood obesity, a major health concern.
Dark Raisins & Cherries: Dark Raisin, are high in Iron. Cherries are high in antioxidants, including easing the pain of arthritis & inflammation.

All of Our BFE Cookies!

The 100% Vegan Bobbi Cookie: A tribute to makeup artist Bobbi Brown

Huge inspiration to Me & many women who desire a simple elegance. Thanks Bobbi, for ushering in a more natural look for women!

Ingredients: Organic FLAX-OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE w/low sugar/oil/low sodium, cinnamon & flavorings

The “M’POWer” Cookie

Everyone has the ability within to “M’POWer themselves! The “M’POWer” Slim-Fit Cookie, is identical to our ‘100% Vegan Bobbi Cookie’, but with some ‘dried cherries & bittersweet chocolate chips for added anti-oxidant POWer & punch! ‘M’POWer’ yourself by eating these healthy ‘flourless-butterless-eggless’ cookies!

Ingredients: Also, Flourless-Butterless-Eggless (but has cherries & bittersweet chocolate chips) Organic FLAX-OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE w/low sugar/oil/ low sodium, cherries, bittersweet chocolate chips, Cinnamon & flavorings

“M&D’s” = Mom & Dad’s – (Delicate enough for a woman, yet strong enough for a man)

I love my parents dearly & ‘who are these people who love us ‘unconditionally’? Finally, a healthy treat that both of my wonderful parents adore! With roots from South Carolina & New Orleans, yet raised in Buffalo, NY—that’s not an easy fete.

Ingredients: Also, Butterless.Flourless.Eggless Organic & Gluten-Free FLAX.OAT COOKIE w/low sugar/oil/low sodium, bittersweet chocolate chips, Cinnamon & flavorings

Our Pretty ‘M’POWerFUL’ Chilly-Millie Cookie

– This Pretty ‘M’POWerful’ Chilly-Millie, tastes like a brownie…

– Gluten Free/Wheat Free/Nut-Free

– Millet-(a seed & remarkable source of protein!)

– CHOLESTEROL FREE/Low Carb/Low Sodium

– HIGH IRON -LOW CALORIE-only 100/110 Calories for approximately 3”cookie


This Gluten Free / Bittersweet Chocolate/Millet Cookie is a Guilt-Free Anytime treat! A favorite for famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown, as well as Miss Nicky! Miss Nicky starts her day off with 1-2 of these ‘BFE’ cookies along with her morning coffee, but packs a few in her tote/car to supply energy. Millet is chock full of B-vitamins! We love them ‘in the fridge-chilled’/keeps them fresher longer…hence the ‘chilly-millie’!

Benefits:Millet is great for weight loss, by inhibiting storage of fat & even removes it from the body! Makes you feel calmer, reduces risk of breast cancer & Type 2 diabetes. It aids in weight loss and is a ‘seed’, so it doesn’t metabolize to sugar-making it a great choice for diabetics and, preventing diabetes. The best part, you can eat your way to better health w/iron!

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