Our Mission

Miss Nicky’s uses the best ingredients to insure optimum taste but more importantly, for optimum health.

Making healthier snacks, makes for a happier, “Healthier You!”

Made in America. Artisanal Quality, Made by Hand –not processed.

Made with love & a firm belief in transparency, sustainability, taking the guesswork out of eating!

We don’t believe in sacrificing calories for the use of chemicals/synthetic sugar substitutes, excess sugars & known carcinogens. These are thought to be the leading causes behind Heart Attacks, Diabetes/Obesity, Strokes and other serious ailments. Being Healthy is now about preventing inflammation caused by eating sugar substitutes and too much sugar. New science, is directed at how food ‘metabolizes’ in the body. Metabolization of a handful of healthy ingredients vs. calories, is what Miss Nicky’s is about! Most of our products are under 12 ingredients & we only use small amounts of ‘Premium’ cane sugar, including Miss Nicky’s Gourmet Toffee-(no corn syrup either!)

Miss Nicky’s cookies have NO RICE. NO CORN. NO SOY. & our *BFE’s contain NO WHEAT either!

Our #1 Mission is to remain ‘Heart Healthy’ yet delicious! Our cookies & toffee are so low in sugar/carbs, that many Diabetics, Cancer Survivors, Heart Patients & those seeking a healthier lifestyle, can now all enjoy the same great tasting *BFEcookie=Butterless.Flourless.Eggless!

“Let Our BFE’s, be your new BFF” cuz it’s about being Healthy, not Skinny!

…when only the ‘Best’ will do, choose Miss Nickys…